FSL: Stellar freeware for preprocessing, analysis, and display of brain imaging data. We particularly like it for the independent component analysis (ICA) applications.

About fMRI

fMRI for Newbies: Excellent site for people who are new to fMRI.

University of Oxford: A multi-disciplinary neuroimaging research facility. An information page updated by researchers at Columbia University.

Wikipedia: A website updated through collaboration of millions of volunteers around the world.


Labs we like

SCSNL: Our sister lab led by our close collaborator Vinod Menon.

Selective Vulnerability Lab: Headed up by our close collaborator at UCSF Bill Seeley.

Coma Science Group: Lead by our Belgian collaborator Steven Laureys.

Stanford Systems Neuroscience and Pain Lab: Headed by our close collaborator Sean Mackey.

Stanford Sites

Stanford department of neurology and neurological sciences :: link

Richard M. Lucas Center for Imaging :: link

Video from Advances in Resting-State fMRI Symposium :: link

Distractions in the wider world

The Onion: America's finest source for news.


Corpus Callosum:
-puhs kuh-loh-suhm

the large bundle of crossing white matter fibers that connects (links) the two hemispheres.