The following links may be used to download our atlases of functional ROIs (fROIs). Currently we have two atlases available: one with 90 fROIs, and an expanded 499 fROI atlas with more grey matter coverage. A paper detailing the creation of the 90 fROIs was published in Cerebral Cortex:

Shirer WR, Ryali S, Rykhlevskaia E, Menon V, Greicius MD: Decoding subject-driven cognitive states with whole-brain connectivity patterns. Cereb Cortex (2012). PDF

Anatomical information for each of the 90 fROIs can be found in the Supplementary Table S1 of the above publication (Supplementary Data)

The citation for the 499 fROI atlas, nicknamed the "Willard" atlas after the two creators, William Shirer and Bernard Ng, is the following pupblication:

Altmann A, Ng B, Landau S, Jagust W, Greicius MD: Regional brain hypometabolism is unrelated to regional amyloid plaque burden. Brain, 138:3734-46(2015). PMID: 26419799.



90 fROIs

499 ("Willard") fROIs



Anterior Insula / Dorsal ACC (Anterior Salience Network)


Auditory Network


Basal Ganglia Network


PCC / MPFC (Dorsal Default Mode Network)


Higher Visual Network


Language Network


Left DLPFC / Parietal (Left Executive Control Network)


Sensorimotor Network


Posterior Insula (Posterior Salience Network)


Precuneus Network


Primary Visual Network


Right DLPFC / Parietal (Right Executive Control Network)


Retrosplenial Cortex / Medial Temporal Lobe (Ventral Default Mode Network)


Intraparietal Sulcus / Frontal Eye Fields (Visuospatial Network)

Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex:
dawr-soh-lat-er-uhl pree-fruhn-tl kawr-teks

a brain region implicated in complex cognitive functions like reasoning, set-shifting, and working memory.